Manufacturing System

 Business Outline and Manufacturing System

In order to respond precisely to the needs of the market, we use a single process from development to solenoid manufacturing and assembly.

Keyopo’s integrated manufacturing system demonstrates the full extent of the technologies we possess.

Keyopo handles every part of the process necessary to make a solenoid, from our manufacturing division, which handles material inspection, technical analysis, products inspection, up to the end of production. Thanks to a quality control system under the direct supervision of our president, we execute with consistency, allowing us to respond to the needs of clients, including short delivery times, low prices and unique specifications.

   Four key departments



With a staff rich in experience and expertise, this division nimbly responds to client needs by proposing ways to increase our attractiveness and reduce costs.Naturally they implement environmental measures, but they also produce prototypes at by far the fastest speed.



 This department ensures the quality of all the other departments through quality control of all of our components made in-house, thorough inspections of supplied parts and quality assurance during the manufacturing process. 


 This department manufactures the iron cores and guide poles so essential to solenoids using the latest NC lathes. We match exacting requirements with our many years of experience and reliable technology. Thanks to our 24-hour operating schedule, we can handle urgent requests for additional production. 



 Here high-quality solenoids are conscientiously produced one by one by skilled workers. With their motto, “Stick to the plan,” they keep a close eye on quality assurance right up until final delivery.